carpet cleaning

Absolute Perfection Carpet Cleaning are fully trained and qualified Carpet Cleaners that meet the Australian and New Zealand Carpet Cleaning Standards.

In today's market there are many methods available to clean carpet. Our preferred and recommended method is Hot Water Extraction commonly known as Steam Cleaning. The Australian Standards Association considers this method to be a restorative clean. It cleans deep into the pile, rather than the surface. This method will refresh the pile and extract pollutants from within the carpet. Utilizing a rinse conditioner, minimal residue is left in the carpet.

Great carpet cleaning requires a thorough vacuum with a HEPA grade filter system capable of filtering 97.5% of dust. This way dry dirt and dust is removed and trapped in the vacuum and NOT returned to the atmosphere.

Using the latest truck mounted equipment the water is heated to approximately 110c which will sanitize and ensure quicker drying time. Waste water is vacuumed to an onboard recovery tank outside the building and disposed of in accordance with regularity requirements.